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James Willis Faces - Dermal Filler

Uses For Dermal Fillers that will surprise you

Posted on

Dermal filler treatments are rising in popularity. This is largely because they are versatile treatments that are able to treat a plethora of different issues and can be catered to people’s different needs. Dermal fillers are gel injections that are administered to soft tissue to add volume or smoothen out wrinkles, and are typically temporary…. Read More

Categories: Dermal Fillers.
Botox - Anti wrinkle injections

Is Botox safe?

Posted on

Ensuring that a treatment is safe is often at the top of people’s priorities when considering facial aesthetics. Here at Maison Aesthetique, Exeter, we aim to provide a bespoke service supported by twenty years’ experience and critical acclaim in facial aesthetics. We’re here to assure you that, when performed at the right clinic, Botox can… Read More

Categories: Anti-wrinkle Injections.
Dermal Fillers

Your guide to Botox in Devon

Posted on

Botox is an incredibly popular treatment for lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in expressive areas. However, there’s probably a lot about Botox that you’re unaware of, and a good deal of questions you’d like answered before committing to a treatment. Maison Aesthetique is here at hand to answer all of your questions… Read More

Categories: Botox.
dermal fillers in devon

How does a chemical peel work?

Posted on

A chemical peel is a skin treatment that performs a chemical exfoliation on the top layer of your skin. It is particularly effective at treating problematic or congested skin, but in order for this to function, it’s always handy to know how this actually works and what actually does to the surface of your skin…. Read More

Categories: Chemical Peels.
Dermal Fillers

Are Dermal Fillers safe?

Posted on

Dermal fillers are an incredibly popular treatment that can be used to augment your facial features and soft tissues in the face such as your cheeks and lips. With many people growing ever curious about dermal fillers, more and more questions are being asked about them. Of course, we are all aware of their capabilities… Read More

Categories: Dermal Fillers, Lip Fillers.
dermal fillers

Are Dermal Fillers suitable for Men?

Posted on

In 2019, men are now opting for injectable treatments such as dermal fillers. Something that you may read twice, but it is, in fact, true. The Taboo is being lifted on aesthetic treatments for men and it’s being more widely recognised and accepted that men simply want to look and feel good just as much… Read More

Categories: Anti-wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers.

Skin clinic treatments ideal for ageing skin

Posted on

Some people don’t like to see the signs of ageing appearing in their skin, but they don’t want to commit to injectable treatments perhaps out of fear of seeming ‘unnatural’. While injectable treatments like dermal fillers can look natural when performed correctly, we understand the need for naturally achieved results so as to keep your… Read More

Categories: Skin Clinic.

Skin clinic guide: understanding your skin type

Posted on

Are you confused by your skin type? If so, you’re not alone. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and changes in sun exposure, air pollutants, and even mental wellbeing can affect its health and appearance. When your skin is problematic, confusing, or can’t seem to make its mind up, seek the advice… Read More

Categories: Skin Clinic.

Who should perform your Botox?

Posted on

Many people may not know this, but there are only certain types of practitioners that you should visit for your injectables, especially Botox. It’s only ever safe with a medical professional, and we’re going to tell you why… Who can inject Botox? Botox is a prescription-only medication that can only be administered by medical professionals…. Read More

Categories: Botox.
Thread vein removal

Thread vein removal with diathermy

Posted on

Thread veins, or spider veins, are incredibly common in both men and women. They’re wrongly associated with old age and ageing skin, because those in their 20s can develop thread veins in their skin. While it’s true they can be triggered or more can develop during periods of hormonal influence such as pregnancy and the… Read More

Categories: Thread veins.